SECOM – Serious Community 2.0 Prevent Flooding

Since 1998 floods have caused an estimated damage of 52 billion Euros in Europe alone. Expelling millions of people from their homes and claiming 1100 lives. The constant increase of flood disasters reached its peak in 2013, huge areas of Central Europe were flooded after long periods of constant rainfall. It led to the biggest humanitarian Bundeswehr operation in Europe. But more important than the number of supporters during such a catastrophe is the right coordination of those resources. Hence, the focus shifted to education, training, and competence development of emergency personnel due to the new flood risk management policy of the EU commission. But how can ideal emergency management be trained, new flood management strategies be tested and the current expertise be shared with the next generation?

With the support of EU funds an online platform named SeCom was developed, mediating necessary skills and competences concerning flood management. The didactic core of this platform is its integrated Serious Game “SeCom-V”. The game offers a 3D real time strategy simulation of realistic flood scenarios; the player adapts the role of a flood risk manager and can play either as single player or share the experience with others in co-op mode.

The platform SeCom was developed in co-operation with the RWTH Aachen, the TU Vienna, the HKC Cologne and the Politecnico Di Milano. It went online in 2013 and is an international website concerning topics about flood risk management and emergency measures.

SeCom is a platform where professors and students share their knowledge about flood management. They can upload course material and discuss topics online. It offers forums about different topics and has an integrated video conference feature for face-to-face communication. Experts in flood risk management from all over the world are able to publish their knowledge and share their experiences.

Screenshot taken out of a mission of the simulation 'SeCom V'


SeCom is also open to the public. As a user, you have access to information and expert knowledge: you learn about flood management strategies and how you can get involved as a civilian.

The simulation SeCom-V is integrated into the website and can be used to secure or refresh gained knowledge. The user has to prepare the city before an up-coming flood and needs to establish different emergency measures: considering limited resources and unit management.

The combination of information from students, professors and professionals makes SeCom 2.0 a unique online learning platform.

Stop by at Serious Community 2.0 and learn something new!

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